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Processing this slice of time, writing about this slice of time, has taken as much of a toll as it has provided fuel. For me, these diaries serve as a means to remember and remind. They’re a looking backwards and forwards – knowing that forwards rarely transpires on ou...

Resisting the mindset of scarcity had become a running joke among my grad school cohort, because we theoretically understood that there is enough of whatever – but, in practice, the crux is in how it’s allocated.

This is a time where there are fewer answers than questions. As I move and make, as artist, scholar and organizer, I feel myself at odds: questioning how and where I show up, being pulled between what I should be doing and what I want to be doing.

As dramaturgs, we mustn’t sidestep the weighty acknowledgement that self-reflection is just as crucial as reflecting on the external. In a dramaturgical sense, care translates to elements like gifting time, intentional question-asking, fierce advocacy, deep listening,...

On days like today when my heart grows heavy, wishing I could be on-the-ground, I find myself leaning into the practice of dramaturgy that we love and prod. The tools of the dramaturg are those of the thinker, the writer, the asker, the giver.

In times of great duress and unrest, it’s easy to get wrapped up in responding to the immediate. It’s easy to get lost, as we may veer off course trying to get in where we fit. Our questions center on the now: what can be done to be of most service now?

If diary-keeping is a political act, then I feel compelled to be truthful about the messiness, the hope, the disparity, the activism, the love, the narrative, the fight, the grief.

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