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"All you need in the world is love and laughter. That’s all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other." (August Wilson)

I think it is fascinating how people in other states are watching my governor talk about the pandemic – why aren’t their governors talking about the status of their own states? I say that knowing the answer, but there is a small part of me that is still hoping against...

'Have a belief in yourself that is bigger than anyone’s disbelief.' (August Wilson). Whenever moments of imposter syndrome start to creep in, I remind myself of this. I hope that I am the artist I am because I consciously try to channel my energy into being big...

I have been in front of my computer for about thirty minutes. There is the hum of varying electrical things drawing power, but it is very quiet – there is nothing to keep me company but a spunky red squirrel we named “Lenny”, who is trying to steal birdseed from our de...

I tend to receive a ridiculous amount of emails. On a good day, I get around 100 work-related emails that I need to address – on a bad day, it can be closer to 300. Since the pandemic began, the emails have gotten worse.

The shapes between the branches tend to provoke my imagination and provide comfort and strength. There is a tangled mess of trees and their limbs in the woods, and a bed of mossy goodness underneath them, yet they all seem to work in harmony with one another.

I am excited and a little mortified at writing these blog entries. I wonder if having an archive of how I spend my days is a good thing or a bad thing. If I had to dramaturg my life/career, what would these posts say about me and the story of my life? I feel like every...

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