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Working Groups 2020

Membership Communication 

Leads: Miranda Laurence

Outreach / Digital PR / Branding
Lead: Tommo Fowler

International Relationships: LMDA 2020

Leads: Hanna Slättne, Jonathan Meth, Sarah Sigal 


Dramaturgs' Contract and Recommended Fees

Leads: David Harris, Jarkko Lehmus, Katalin Trencsényi

Regional Dramaturgy Outreach

Leads: Sarah Sigal, Tommo Fowler, Miranda Laurence, David Loumgair

d'n goes digital

Dear d'n Members,

25 March 2020

Firstly, we hope that you and your families are keeping well in body and spirit!

We have been in touch within the Advisory Board to start putting ideas together about how the network can continue to support our members and dramaturgy as a practice at this time.

We've got two opportunities for you led by AB members; please check out the 'Invisible Diaries', an edited online journal; and for a Zoom session on virtual dramaturgy on 7 April. There's also a list of useful links and resources.

We're still asking members to complete our professional life survey to gather information on your working life (prior to Covid-19). This data may be more important than ever to help us join lobbying efforts to support freelance dramaturgs in the future.

We want to use our resources and our network to help stay connected. Please do engage on the Facebook Group and through the Google discussion group to share your concerns, ideas, success stories, and anything else. Amidst all the catastrophe and crisis, this is also an opportunity for us as a network to engage and connect more than ever, across the digital space.

Take good care!

The d'n Advisory Board

Become a member / renew your d'n membership for 2020 

Dear d’n Members,

13 January 2020

Your 2019 membership for the Dramaturgs’ Network is due to lapse at the end of January 2020. If you would like to continue being a member, please scroll down to find the PayPal button.

The Dramaturgs' Network membership for 2020 costs £25/£15 (student concession) and is valid until the end of the calendar year. It gives you access to a forum of fellow-members to communicate with (exchange ideas, advertise your work, ask for help etc.). It entitles you to free or discounted tickets for d'n events, as well as job offers, industry news, information etc., but most of all: brings you together with like-minded professionals in the UK and beyond.

Your membership fee also supports our work: providing indispensable profession-related resources free of charge, as well as representing dramaturgs industry-wide, and working towards better contracts, payment and acknowledgement of the work of dramaturgs and literary managers.

Thanks for your support over the last year. We’ve seen some changes happening in the d’n which are continuing this year, as we work in a more collaborative set-up.


Last year we started to develop communication channels for d’n members to connect; we delivered a great Kenneth Tynan Award ceremony in partnership with Soho Theatre, with a fantastic Dramaturgy Paper speech by winner Suzanne Bell and two thought-provoking panel sessions. We also had a d’n representative attending the 2019 LMDA Conference in Chicago and our Contract  & Fees Working Group have progressed with the drafting of an industry-standard contract for dramaturgs.


In store this year we have some new d’n Advisory Board members, and a new Working Group on branding, social communication and outreach to begin changing our digital face and create conversations with theatre-makers working in dramaturgy across the UK; plans to co-host a session at the LMDA Conference in Mexico in June 2020, in partnership with The Fence; and we are looking forward to some other exciting partnership projects currently in development. We always welcome members to join the Working Groups or indeed propose new ones.


If you would like to join the d'n or renew your membership, please click on the buttons below and fill in the membership form and the monitoring form (optional), then pay your membership fee.

We hope that you will renew your membership this year and continue contributing to, and indeed shaping, the much-needed conversation on dramaturgy practices in this new decade!


Best wishes,

the d'n Advisory Board

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