Covid-19 Lockdown Week 3, Day 6

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We made cupcakes today and then sat around the table decorating them with sprinkles.

It occurred to me this would be a good replacement activity for decorating eggs, as my children are not really into boiled eggs, and they were born into an age when the Easter Bunny usually brings chocolates.

Understandably, Easter feels a bit low-key this year, but several things have converged into this cake-making activity. One, it’s a weekend and we are not behind our screens for work, so we are doing things together as a family. Two, my four-year-old has been going on about wanting to make a cake ever since she got the idea the other day about hosting a party. Three, I have been homesick so have been looking into recipes for some Serbian cakes, but have not dared introduce those to the children just yet, especially after husband’s rather successful attempt at making a ‘Kaiserschmarren’ (which is basically a torn-up pancake) was greeted with tears this morning, as it was neither a pancake nor a chocolate cake. Four, the failed baking experiment this morning only increased calls for some sort of compensation. Five, isn’t everyone baking at the moment anyway?