members of affiliate organisations

dramaturgs' contract package

free access

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If you're a member of an organisation which has purchased the contract package on your behalf, you can access it free of charge. 

Here's how:


follow your
unique link

if your organisation has purchased the package, you will have been emailed a link and password – just click through!

if in doubt, please contact a representative of your organisation


book a workshop

for a small cost, you can attend in a workshop explaining how to use the contract package

this will be with the creators of the package, and will explain step-by-step all the clauses of the contract and demonstrate how to tailor it to your individual needs on any given project

you can book your place here, but will first need to register for an account for our website.


agree to the terms & conditions of use

although your access is free, we ask every user of the package to read the terms and conditions of use that your organisation agreed to on your behalf

we'll ask for your name, email address and organisation by way of confimation, which will be stored in accordance with our privacy policy


you can preview the terms and conditions of use here


register for an account

you'll need to have an account with this website in order to purchase a ticket

once we've verified your account, you'll be able to view the page containing the workshops and complete your purchase.


get the package

your download of the full contract package will begin automatically once you've confirmed that you've read and understood the terms and conditions of use


if you have any technical issues accessing the package, please email Tommo.