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d'n membership gives you:

  • a community of dramaturgs, literary managers and academics for continuing professional development, discussion, skills exchange

  • members-only resources

  • access to members-only events, forums & mailing list

  • free or discounted access to d'n events

  • other opportunities that may arise.


d'n membership also pays for:

  • hosting events, workshops and guest speakers

  • advocating for dramaturgs and the craft of dramaturgy in the performing arts

  • working towards better contracts, payment and crediting of dramaturgs' work.

d'n membership costs:

  • £25 general membership

  • £15 student concession

Membership is valid until the end of the calendar year.


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We ask new members to complete a short membership form, telling us a bit about you. We'd also appreciate it if you'd fill out the separate monitoring form, but this is optional.

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