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With your help, we can do more to develop the practice and profile of dramaturgy in the UK.

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Established in 2001, the Dramaturgs’ Network is a volunteer-led organisation, working to explore and expand the theory and practice of dramaturgy in the UK and advocate for dramaturgs in the wider sector. As such, we are the only organisation in the UK fulfilling this role.

Our network facilitates spaces for artists to meet, explore and collaborate, and through our website we provide resources for the development of dramaturgical theory and practice.

The d’n is an organisation with 20 years’ experience, committed to providing continuous professional development for theatre practitioners involved in dramaturgical practices. We do this work by organising events and cultivating dialogue.


Through our work, we bring dramaturgs together from different parts of the UK and the world, to share experiences and methods. Our aim is to provide continuous professional development and tackle the pressing issues of the day and their interrogation through live arts.


Yet, our events are aimed not only at dramaturgs but at theatre and dance professionals who are involved in creative decision-making: dramaturgs, playwrights, directors, devisers, choreographers, and curators. We see them as influencers and agents in developing the sector overall.


Having reached this milestone 20th anniversary, we have so many more plans to fulfil: mentorship projects, workshops, retreats, and exploring new areas of dramaturgy. That’s why we have set up this anniversary fundraiser. We want to raise £1000 towards professional development events in 2022.


We ask you to give us a birthday gift (as little or as much as you can afford) to enable the Dramaturgs’ Network to continue this important work in the future.


You can donate through the PayPal button below. (If you prefer to donate in another way, please contact us at:

Thank you for your generosity – and thank you for enabling our work!

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