As an organisation, we wish to support dramaturgs to be rigorous in their anti-racist artistic practice.

The d'n anti-racism working group is therefore collating resources and organising events to take place over the course of 2022, aiming to interrogate traditional, Eurocentric dramaturgies and modes of storytelling.

For our d'n20 event, we hosted a roundtable on anti-racist dramaturgical practices, chaired by Dr Lynette Goddard. You can watch the video here, hosted by HowlRound.


Please note that, since this website is currently under development, the resources below are conversation-starters. This page will be expanded in due course.

Open letter from playwrights of colour concerning the prioritisation of Eurocentric dramaturgies and modes of dramaturgical practice as 'best' and most 'universal'.

The letter, along with a response from the d'n Board's, is here. The original letter is here.

Website containing 'BIPOC Demands for White American Theater', a 7-month accountability report in response to these demands, and the 'Principles for Building Anti-Racist Theater Systems'

GoogleDoc containing articles, reports, websites, podcasts, books and other media relating to anti-racism and anti-racist practice in the arts.