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dramaturgs' contract package


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The d'n contract package developed by our working group is available to purchase by individuals – whether as dramaturgs, producers or other professionals – without being a member of the d'n or affiliate, or an employee of an organisation which has purchased the package.

These are the stages you'll go through to access the package:


purchase the package

click through to our shop using the button above, and purchase the package

you'll need to log in to the website using your Google or Facebook account (or by creating an account with us), then pay the £48 securely using PayPal


get the package

your download of the full contract package will begin automatically once you've agreed to the terms and conditions of use

if you encounter a problem with the download, please email us


wait for an email

an email confirming your order should be with you within a couple of minutes

if this doesn't happen, please contact us


book a workshop

as a buyer of the package, you can also buy a ticket to one of our workshops

this workshop will be given by the creators of the contract package, and will give attendees a complete understanding of the contract components and the background to their development and use

the workshop costs £7, and tickets can be purchased via our events page


agree to the terms & conditions of use

your email confirmation will contain a link to agree to our terms and conditions of use

we'll ask for your name and email address by way of signature, which will be stored in accordance with our privacy policy


you can preview the terms and conditions of use here

if you have any technical issues accessing the package, please email Tommo.