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Key Text: Fiona Graham and Performing Dramaturgy

"In the section in the book on the collaborative intervention process, I talk about five strategies for intervention: I talk about the importance of listening – really listening to what the artist’s intentions are; I talk about reflection – about the importance of mirroring back what the artist wants to do, so they can see if what they’re saying is what you’re hearing; I talk about setting up collaborative dialogues and how ideas grow in dialogue, how often you reach new ideas because it escalates, and between us we suddenly reach a point which we would never have got to if we’d just been on our own. So the importance of that dialogue and how things are found at the threshold, and on the edge. You know, peripheries are so important – not the ideas that are straight in front of us, but the ideas that are at the very edge. Being brave enough to go to the very edge."

Please follow the link to read the full article on the Pantograph Punch's website:

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