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Suzanne Bell wins award for excellence in dramaturgy

Sudha Bhuchar and Suzanne Bell at the 2019 Kenneth Tynan Award Ceremony at Soho Theatre

Suzanne Bell has won the biennial Kenneth Tynan Award for excellence in dramaturgy.

Bell, who is the new writing associate and dramaturg at Manchester Royal Exchange, received the award for “passionate and committed support for new writing, for her tireless work with writers for many years at Manchester Royal Exchange and previously at the Liverpool Playhouse, and for her thoughtful and efficient administration of the Bruntwood Prize,” a statement from the judging panel said.

“Suzanne Bell has been working behind the scenes with consistency and rigour, championing writers, developing strategic and innovative means to enable playwrights to have their work read, developed and platformed.

“Her contribution to making information, skills sharing, writing resources and opportunities available for everyone is exemplary,” the statement added.

Previous winners of the award include Hanna Slättne of Tinderbox Theatre and Ruth Little for her work with Akram Khan.

The award was presented at Soho Theatre by Tamasha Theatre co-founder Sudha Bhuchar, who told dramaturgs to “Be curious. Be rigorous. And keep asking difficult questions”.

The event was organised by the Dramaturgs’ Network and sponsored by Oberon Books.

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