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As a response to the situation in the theatre profession caused by the pandemic, the Dramaturgs’ Network launched a new project: an online journal, Invisible Diaries, written by dramaturgs, which began 7 April 2020.


For twelve weeks a different dramaturg will write the journal for seven days, which will be available here on the Dramaturgs’ Network’s website's Blog.


The aim is to give a platform to dramaturgs, ‘the invisible people of the theatre-making process’, so the wider public can discover the people behind the role, and perhaps learn a bit about dramaturgy, whilst finding out how these theatre professionals are coping during the period of the pandemic. 


With many theatre jobs affected by the closure of theatres and cancellations of projects, we hope that sharing these people’s thoughts with the wider public, these highly skilled theatre professionals, who can be invaluable when thinking about the larger picture (curating and macro-dramaturgy), and indispensable when keeping an eye on the details (micro-dramaturgy), won’t be forgotten when we emerge from the quarantine and will try to rebuild the theatre scene.

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Your membership fee also supports our work: providing indispensable profession-related resources free of charge, as well as representing dramaturgs industry-wide, and working towards better contracts, payment and acknowledgement of the work of dramaturgs and literary managers.

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The d'n Advisory Board

The Invisible Diaries series is

curated by Katalin Trencsényi.

Edited by

Sarah Sigal,

Miranda Laurence,

Tommo Fowler and

Katalin Trencsényi.


The blog is

managed by

Tommo Fowler.



A note from the d'n Advisory Board concerning the pandemic

During these challenging times, freelance dramaturgs are among those people whose livelihood is seriously affected by the cancellation of work because of the pandemic. Below we have collated some important, industry-related information that you might find useful.


The d'n has migrated our events in 2020 to Zoom. The Working Groups too will carry on with the work online, and d'n members shall receive their Summer Newsletter in time.

If you are a UK-based dramaturg, it would help our work if you could fill in this questionnaire about your working life. The information gathered helps our work when campaigning for fair contracts and payments for dramaturgs. Thank you for taking the time.

Take good care!


The d'n Advisory Board

Links to useful information about your rights, payment, and mental health:

ACE - Coronavirus information (advice on funding and projects affected by the pandemic)

Arts Council of Northern Ireland - Coronavirus Advice

Arts Council Wales - Coronavirus update


ACE - Emergency measures and funding

BBC - What are your rights if working from home?


Creative Scotland - Covid-19 Advice

Equity - Coronavirus Advice

Free Resources for UK creatives

HM Treasury - BUDGET 2020: Support for those affected by COVID-19

ITC - Coronavirus guidance

Mental health: a listening care package for uncertain times


SOLT - Support for Theatre Professionals during Coronavirus


Turn2us - a national charity helping people when times get tough

Basic Contract and recommended fees for dramaturgs


Introducing a Basic Contract and recommended fees for dramaturgs in the UK is long overdue. It is high time to think about improving the working conditions and offering fair fees for these highly skilled experts across the industry.


The Dramaturgs' Network has been working on this since 2015, and we hope to be able to conclude our work in 2021. (You can read a report about our work in The Stage.)

In the meantime, the Working Group has prepared Guidelines for engagement who are offered freelance engagements. This will is available for d'n members only on the Members' Area of the d'n website.

If you are a self-employed dramaturg working in the UK, it would help our work a lot if you could fill in the questionnaire below. The information we collect will enable the Dramaturgs' Network to hold collective data on the earnings and working lives of dramaturgs in the UK, which will assist with our representation of dramaturgs in all forms of theatre-making - and in particular, our campaign for better contracts, pay and recognition for the work of dramaturgs.

None of the questions is compulsory – but, the more questions you answer, the more work we can do on your behalf!

Thank you for taking the time.

Invisible Diaries - Authors' Collage
Invisible Diaries - Authors' Collage

Invisible Diaries 2020_Authors: Duška Radosavljević, Katalin Trencsényi, Kara McKechnie, David Geary, Miranda Laurence, Martine Kei Green-Rogers, Bernadette Cochrane, MJ Chung, Lim Ho Ngean, Yasmin Zacaria Mikhaiel, Sarah Sigal, and Guy Cools.

Kenneth Tynan Award ceremony 2019
Kenneth Tynan Award ceremony 2019

Sudha Bhuchar and Suzanne Bell at the KTA at Soho Theatre_17 November 2019.

executive committee away weekend
executive committee away weekend

Northern Ireland, 2011

Invisible Diaries - Authors' Collage
Invisible Diaries - Authors' Collage

Invisible Diaries 2020_Authors: Duška Radosavljević, Katalin Trencsényi, Kara McKechnie, David Geary, Miranda Laurence, Martine Kei Green-Rogers, Bernadette Cochrane, MJ Chung, Lim Ho Ngean, Yasmin Zacaria Mikhaiel, Sarah Sigal, and Guy Cools.

“The practice of dramaturgy never stands still. And neither should a dramaturg. A serious dramaturg needs to be constantly learning. A serious dramaturg needs to be keen to explore existing theories of dramaturgy. A serious dramaturg needs to be keen to investigate new ideas. A serious dramaturg needs to have their finger on the pulse of contemporary theatre practice. A serious dramaturg needs the Dramaturgs’ Network: because the Dramaturgs’ Network will always ensure that the continuing professional development of their members is paramount.”
(Paul Sirett)

“A significant landmark in the professionalization of dramaturgical functions was the founding of the Dramaturgs’ Network” - Mary Luckhurst



Kenneth Tynan Award

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