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international dramaturgy lab

What does it mean to work dramaturgically across borders?


The International Dramaturgy Lab (IDL) is an exciting experimental initiative developed in collaboration between an international array of dramaturgical organisations and networks, including The Dramaturgs’ Network UK; Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) USA, Canada, and Mexico; The Fence International Network; STOD Finland; and the Danish Dramaturg Network. 

The aim is to connect dramaturgs, directors, theatre makers, and thinkers around the topic: what does it mean to work dramaturgically across borders?  


This project will culminate at the LMDA conference in Mexico City 2021.

For more information, and how to apply, please visit the LMDA website.

And you can read more about the thinking behind the project in a blog post written by IDL organiser and D'N Advisory Board member Hanna Slättne.

this event is for members only

All our organisational work is done by a small group of volunteers.

If you're able to offer some financial support to our continuing work, please consider making a donation.

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