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Interview with Dramaturg Nina Steiger

When I’m working with non-text based theatre-makers my job is to help them find ways to tell a story with as many layers as possible; to think about an overall shape and structure that serves the piece and its purpose; to find a coherence between an artistic style and the story; and explore all the opportunities to make it as consistent and powerful an experience as possible. It’s about making the how and the what of the story have a dynamic relationship. When I’m working with straight playwrights my absolute joy is to tease out an idea to its fullest expression and help them tell a formidable story. I also have one eye on the larger context: Why now? Why here? What does this piece bring to the wider world? How does it speak to audiences and break new ground? How is this piece game-changing and why would people want to see it?

Nina Steiger

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