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The d'n is a home for dramaturgs in the UK – and anybody who wants to become one, or work with one.


Our volunteer-led network of dramaturgs facilitates spaces for artists to meet, explore and collaborate, and this website is home to an expanding set of free and paid-for resources for the development of dramaturgical theory and practice.


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join us for discussions with dramaturgs in theatre, dance and performance around the world

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anti-racist dramaturgy

an ongoing part of our work is in working with members to understand anti-racism within a dramaturgical context, and implement it practically.

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dramaturgs' contract package

we're delighted to share our extensive work in creating a suite of documents for the fair employment and pay of dramaturgs

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invisible diaries

become a member of the d'n to meet practitioners, attend events and access resources (including free access to the d'n Dramaturgs' Contract Package


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become a member of the d'n to meet practitioners, attend events and access resources (including free access to the d'n Dramaturgs' Contract Package


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we've got information on training, working as a dramaturg, and some thoughts on how a dramaturg might collaborate with you. We can help you to find a dramaturg too.


14 Dec 2023

Script Readers survey reveals dramaturgs working for below minimum wage

Our Early Career Dramaturgy working group undertook a survey of script readers in the UK, designed to understand the circumstances in which script reading for theatres and companies is undertaken.

We found that, as a per-hour rate, many theatres pay effectively under minimum wage – some averaging out as little as £5 per hour. 

You can read the article in The Stage here: Dramaturgs 'criminally undervalued' in terms of pay, survey reveals.

And a longer piece can be found on the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) website: UK Script-Readers Often Work for Below Minimum Wage.

24 Aug 2023

Meet the Dramaturgs

The Young Vic Creators Program and Dramaturgs’ Network are bringing together 24 dramaturgs and 24 creatives over 2 sessions on Tuesday 10 October. This is a chance for members of both organisations to meet, get to know each other, talk about their work, and find new collaborators.

The format will be half speed-meeting and half casual mingling. In the first half, each dramaturg and each creator will have a chance to introduce themselves in a couple of minutes. In the second half, everyone will have the opportunity to chat casually and discuss anything that sparked their interest in the first half.

We will be aiming to select a mixture of creators with different experiences and at different stages in their careers to have a wide range of participants.

You can express your interest here (deadline 10am on Friday 15 September) – but you need to be a member of the YV Creators' Programme in order to access this opportunity.

27 Jun 2023

Post-Pandemic Working Conditions and Freelance Contracts

On the anniversary of our Dramaturgs' Contract Package, we were delighted to host a roundtable on post-pandemic working conditions, in partnership with Stage Directors UK and Freelancers Make Theatre Work

We discussed the working conditions of freelance theatre professionals in the UK since the end of the pandemic, and focussed in particular on the findings of SDUK's 2023 Census and FMTW's Big Freelancer Report.

A big thank-you to our participants – David Harris, Jarkko Lehmus, Katalin Trencsényi (d’n), Mimi Doulton (FMTW) and Harold Finley (SDUK) – and to all who came!

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