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Invisible Diaries: Introduction

As a response to the damage the Covid-19 pandemic has caused in the theatre world, the Dramaturgs’ Network has launched a new project: Invisible Diaries, an online journal, written by dramaturgs.

Starting on 7 April 2020, for twelve weeks, every week a different dramaturg will write a journal for seven days, which is then published daily on the Dramaturgs’ Network’s website’s Blog.

The aim is to give a platform to dramaturgs, ‘the invisible people of the theatre-making process’, so the wider public can discover the people behind the role, and perhaps learn more about dramaturgy, whilst finding out how these theatre professionals are coping during the period of the pandemic in the UK and beyond.

With many theatre jobs affected by the closure of theatres and cancellations of projects, we hope that sharing these people’s thoughts with the wider public, these highly skilled theatre professionals – who can be invaluable when thinking about the larger picture (curating and macro-dramaturgy), and indispensable when keeping an eye on the details (micro-dramaturgy) – won’t be forgotten when we emerge from the quarantine and will try to rebuild the theatre scene.


Week 4: David Geary

Week 8: M.J. Chung

Week 11: Sarah Sigal

Week 12: Guy Cools

The Invisible Diaries project is curated by Katalin Trencsényi.

Editors: Sarah Sigal, Miranda Laurence, Tommo Fowler,

and Katalin Trencsényi.

The Blog is managed by Tommo Fowler.

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